Lightshow - If These Walls Could Talk 2 (2019)

Artist / Group: Lightshow
Album: If These Walls Could Talk 2
Release Date: Aug 23, 2019
Genre: Rap / Hip-Hop
Label: 86 America
Origin: EAST OF THE RIVER, Washington, D.C., USA
Format / Bitrate: mp3 / 320 Kbps
Duration: 00:45:20
Size: 106 Mb
Guests: Dana Williams, Wale, Tate Kobang, Wallway Pac, Big Shaad, Shabazz PBG, Kid Roche
Description: Official Studio Album!


01. East Of The River
02. Everything I Came For (feat. Dana Williams)
03. Your Side, My Side (feat. Wale)
04. Thumb Thru It
05. Consistent
06. Illegal Activities (feat. Tate Kobang)
07. Think That I Could
08. Do What You Like
09. Might Forgive, Won't Forget
10. More Goals (feat. Wallway Pac)
11. No Issue
12. Ain't Gotta Tell You (feat. Big Shaad)
13. Boss Moves (feat. Shabazz PBG)
14. Ji Often
15. Drag Race (feat. Kid Roche)



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