Eminem & Pete Rock - Marshall & The Soul Brother (2017)

Artist / Group: Eminem & Pete Rock
Album: Marshall & The Soul Brother
Release Date: July 2, 2017
Genre: Rap / Hip-Hop
Label: Self-Released
Origin: Detroit, Michigan, U.S. | The Bronx, New York, U.S.
Format / Bitrate: mp3 / 320 Kbps
Duration: 01:05:05
Size: 149Mb
Producer: Pete Rock
Description: Mashup Mixtape!
Mashup of legendary hip-hop producer Pete Rock with the illustrious lyricist Eminem. David Begun has layered Eminem's lyrics over the beats from the Petestrumentals album and mixing in various Pete Rock original samples and scratches to form a picture of what Eminem would have sounded like over one of the most acclaimed producers of hip-hop music in the 90's.


03. Eminem & Pete Rock - Walking By My Closet
04. Eminem & Pete Rock - Take The D (on't Give A Fuck) Train
05. Eminem & Pete Rock - Any Lesser Man
06. Eminem & Pete Rock - The Business Of Pete's Jazz
07. Eminem & Pete Rock - Shady Boss
08. Eminem & Pete Rock - Involving Stan
09. Eminem & Pete Rock - Soldier's Frame Of Mind
10. Eminem & Pete Rock - Get You Sailing Smooth
11. Eminem & Pete Rock - Give Y'All My Name
12. Eminem & Pete Rock - For The Guilty Conscience
13. Eminem & Pete Rock - Back On Da Block: The Encore
14. Eminem & Pete Rock - Hailie Plays At Night

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