Die Antwoord - Suck On This (2016)

Artist / Group: Die Antwoord
Album: Suck On This
Released: May 20, 2016
Genre: Alternative / Rave / Electronic / Hip-Hop
Label: Zef Recordz
Origin: Cape Town, South Africa
Format / Bitrate: mp3 / 320 Kbps
Duration: 00:31:41
Size: 72.7Mb
Producers: Die Antwoord, God, The Black Goat
Guests: The Black Goat, God, Dita Von Teese
Description: Official Mixtape!


01. Die Antwoord - Dance Wif Da Devil (Feat. The Black Goat)
02. Die Antwoord - Bum Bum (Feat. God)
03. Die Antwoord - Gucci Coochie (Feat. Dita Von Teese, The Black Goat & God)
04. Die Antwoord - Where's My Fukn Cup Cake (Feat. The Black Goat)
05. Die Antwoord - Dazed & Confused (Feat. God)
06. Die Antwoord - Siembamba (Feat. The Black Goat)
07. Die Antwoord - Pitbull Terrier (God's Berzeker Trap Remix)
08. Die Antwoord - I Fink You Freeky (God's Death Trap Remix)
09. Die Antwoord - We Want Candy (Feat. The Black Goat)
10. Die Antwoord - Fok Julle Naaiers (God's Wicked Jungle Remix)
11. Die Antwoord - I Dont Care (Feat. God)
12. Die Antwoord - Jan Pierewiet (Feat. The Black Goat)
13. Die Antwoord - Enter Da Ninja (The Black Goat Decapitator Remix)

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