Mike Posner - Keep Going (2019)

Artist / Group: Mike Posner
Album: Keep Going
Release Date: Oct 9, 2019
Genre: Rap / Hip-Hop
Label: Island Records
Origin: USA
Format / Bitrate: mp3 / 320 Kbps
Duration: 00:46:31
Size: 114 Mb
Guests: Elohim, Logic, Talib Kweli, Ty Dolla $ign, Wiz Khalifa
Description: Official Studio Album!


01. Introduction (Mike Posner/Keep Going)
02. Come Home
03. Noah's Ark
04. Sage Wisdom From Diddy
05. Look What I've Become
06. Prince Akeem
07. God's Lottery
08. Sage Wisdom From Steven Tyler
09. Nothing Is Wrong
10. Legacy
11. Fun Up Here
12. Sage Wisdom From Uncle Bun B and E-40
13. Slow It Down
14. Amen
15. Sage Wisdom From Mom
16. A Lonely Night In Mexico Thinking About Big Sean and Avicii


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